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Through consulting and Online Business Management, I support women service providers and coaches who need to find fulfillment in their work and balance in their life.

I believe in the extraordinary power of motivated women entrepreneurs and in the gifts they have to share, and am ready to manage their business and build their systems so they can get back to doing what they do best.

As your Online Business Manager, I will be your right-hand woman and will make sure we have everything under control even when your business seems to be on fire!

I leverage systems and business consulting solutions so you can grow their business with ease and integrity

You’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur because you want to be independent, have flexibility and do what you truly love. You are passionate about your job, have great ideas and dream big.

You simply need more time to do it all.

You desire to manage your day more effectively and be in control of your personal and work life — not at the mercy of external circumstances.


Imagine what it would be like to have someone by your side

Someone able to share your goals, solve your problems, find the right solution, manage your team and your day-to-day operations.

Someone who loves tackling details and tedious tasks.

Someone who is able to take on the day-to-day micromanaging stuff and support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Someone who can build the right systems and make your processes more efficient, and above all, someone with the right energy to see you succeed as you deserve.

Someone who can make your life easier, so that you can dedicate and focus yourself on your business growth and your new ideas.

Someone on your same wavelength to brainstorm and share ideas with. Someone to share the nitty gritty details of your projects with. Someone you can even share your doubts with.


That someone is me!

Hi, I’m Teresa,

Certified OBM,

System Expert, Operations Strategist, and Business Consultant

With more than 20 years of experience, both in the corporate world and online, I’ve served clients from all around the world with different backgrounds. I create custom solutions and systems that work for each entrepreneur, no matter what phase of business or life they’re in.

Teresa has helped us set up our workspace and make it efficient and tailored to the needs of our team. Moreover, she has always been extremely kind, helpful, and understanding. She has always found the best way to solve our problems and has taught us how to solve them in the future.

Bianca Sartirana, Managing Director Save the Cut

Align your business with your full potential and see how you can grow

To reach your next level you need to unlock your full potential, adopting a strategy that leverages your skills, your team and your tools.

You need to build effective processes so that you become more productive, work less hours and have better results.

You need to have the right systems in place to convey value to your clients and be able to serve them better and to be more focused on their needs.

You need to onboard an expert that partners with you, supports you, cheers with you, and shares your ideals and your vision.

You need a right hand that manages your business, optimizes your systems, streamlines your processes, and makes sure your ideas are implemented while you focus on what you love the most.

Go from super-busy to streamlined with systems

You’re in the right place for systems, organization, and strategic planning

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Free Resources For You

I have prepared some free resources to help you grow your business


Victor Rogachev - GRAFICOACH

Working with Systems First was a game-changer for our company. Teresa Cavalla’s expertise in ClickUp was evident from the start, and her guidance helped us optimize our workflows and enhance our efficiency significantly. The support we received was top-notch, tailored to our needs, and always delivered with a smile. I highly recommend Systems First to any organization looking to streamline their processes and maximize productivity.


Antonio Valente

Teresa is a trustworthy person, competent and always seeking the right solution for her clients. We had a positive experience and I recommend her to anyone looking to create valuable business processes.


Ashlee Sang - Brand Messaging Strategist & Consultant

Teresa made the big, scary web of systems more approachable with clear examples, custom workflows, and a huge base of business knowledge to pull from. We covered not just “systems,” but how my marketing, sales, client delivery, and overall time spent in my business can be broken down and put together to create a cohesive, efficient ecosystem. She focused on prioritizing my time and energy as a business owner so that my growth could be both sustainable and intentional.


Catherine Hale - Business and Life Coach

I now have a system that has so many of the previously clunky processes streamlined. Teresa worked her magic on my business – identifying where the major challenges were and the systems that needed to be put in place to rectify them.

She always had a solution when a problem arose and found ways to implement it quickly and effectively.

I’m really happy with the system that was created- it’s making the previously clunky processes streamlined and time effective – which is exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend working with Teresa if you are looking to grow your business in an easeful way. Systems work!!


J. Debono - The Pasta Project

I’m so happy that I got Teresa at Systems First to help me out with the email subscriptions, newsletters, e-books and marketing for my food blog! She’s so reliable, effective and creative. Now I don’t think I could manage without her!

A. Elibero - Dancing Leaf Solutions

Teresa is a pleasure to work with and works with integrity. I highly recommend working with Teresa!

Laura Burak Nutrition - GetNaked Nutrition


Teresa takes great pride in her work and makes sure you are very satisfied before her project is complete. She is available for help anytime and goes above and beyond to clearly communicate.

The Contempora team


Teresa quickly understood our needs and proposed practical solutions while keeping a eye on cost effectiveness and simplicity.

Courtney Bliss - Feeding Bliss

I’ve spent countless hours over my years in business trying to figure out how to be in all the places at once while living the life I want. Teresa was able to give a high level overview of what needed to be optimized to help me achieve my goals. She then went a step further and broke those out into weekly and daily tasks which I could manage and then assign accordingly. I found it to be such a helpful assessment and refocusing of my business management.

Elisa Sgariboldi

I asked Teresa to support me in improving the setup of my company’s ClickUp account. Even if we are a small company of 3, I love having everything under control. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time, and working with Teresa has been key to accelerating the internal organizational process. From an operative point of view, I loved Teresa’s methodology: weekly video calls to check we were on the same track and video recordings to keep us up to date with the project: a perfect match!

I would love to collaborate with Teresa also in the future

Cirila Valmaggia

I think what you did for me is absolutely awesome. I had no idea what to do and now you gave me the exact roadmap. Now I´m not lost and overwhelmed anymore. You gave me the simple little steps that I need to take every day to get where I want. I am forever grateful!


Bianca Sartirana, Managing Director Save the Cut

Teresa has helped us set up our workspace and make it efficient and tailored to the needs of our team. Moreover, she has always been extremely kind, helpful, and understanding. She has always found the best way to solve our problems and has taught us how to solve them in the future.


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