You need good time management methods. Why? Because time is money my friend–and there never seems to be enough, right?


When your business is running smoothly and time is abundant, you can actually:

  • Take naps (hello self-care!). 

  • Go on a holiday (even if it’s just a few days off in your own home). 

  • Finish working at 5pm everyday (yes, that’s a thing). 

That all sounds lovely. But if you don’t have these time management tools in place:

  • You’re bound to work inefficiently

  • You won’t have boundaries

  • You will miss deadlines

  • Your work can be of poor quality, so your business seems less professional and in turn, you’re more stressed

We don’t want that. And you didn’t start your own business to be stressed, ineffective and unprofessional. You’re better than that–I know. You just need to work smarter, not harder.

With the right time management tools and methods in place, you can run your business–not have your business running you. Do you want to:

  • Be less stressed?

  • Improve productivity?

  • Give a more professional image?

  • Increase business opportunities?

Of course you do! And that is why I’m sharing: 

7 tips to better manage your time and therefore your business:

Manage your incoming and outgoing communication


Don’t always be available. Inbox, phone calls, and text messages must be sent and read at certain times. Perhaps you check-in in the morning and again in the evening. Make sure to communicate (and enforce) your available times for chats with clients. And keep it consistent. 

Work in blocks

Dedicate some time-slots or days to certain tasks/appointments. For example: Monday: Blog Day Tuesday: Clients A, B and C Wednesday: Social Media management Thursday: Courses Friday: Clients D, E, F

Manage priorities

Plan your work the day before. Before checking out for the evening, come back to your (never ending) to-do list and plan for the next day. You’ll sleep sounder knowing the next work day is already organized and your next morning will run that much smoother.


Plan for the unexpected

Back. Up. EVERYTHING. And stay calm. Things won’t always go as planned–and when they don’t, do not panic. Clients want to work with people who can stay calm and offer alternative solutions in the midst of the storm. 

Use the right CRM and PM tools

Have I mentioned how much I love CRM and PM tools (I literally wrote an entire blog post about my love affair with Click Up here). It’s the number one tool I contribute to the smooth flow of my business. These CRM and PM tools will systemize your workflow and keep all your busy ducks in a row.

Make a pause every couple of hours

Have you heard of breathing? It’s incredible what three long, deep breaths can do in the middle of your work day. Make sure to move your body and all that stagnant energy that loves to sit there. Take a walk, do some light stretching, take a hip-hop class on the tube–just move. Short meditations throughout the day will center you so that you make better business decisions that align with your WHY. Also, a hot cup of tea will work wonders mid-day.

Set Boundaries

Ugh. Boundaries. They’re amazing when we actually set and enforce them. You have to reserve some time for you, your family, your passions, your cat,  your life outside of your business. Like I mentioned in Tip 1, communicate with your clients your availability. They will respect this (and in turn you). Or refer to Tip 6: Pause in the middle of the day so that you can center yourself and take on projects that align with YOU. Or Tip 3: Prepare for the next day the evening before. Then close your computer at a decent time and take a bubble bath.

I hope my 7 tips help you to better manage your time and your work. Do you have any time management tips that have saved your business?

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