Hey there, I´m Teresa, your next OBM

Hi. My name is Teresa Cavalla, Certified Online Business Manager, Systems Strategist, ClickUp Vetted Consultant, Italian mama, wife, entrepreneur, and detail-loving-organizational mastermind.

At Systems First OBM, I’m a systems expert, operations strategist, and business consultant.

As both an employee and a solopreneur, I realized that in order for us to work at our fullest potential we need to treat our business as a business. If you’re serious about growing your business, systems are the place to start.

My holistic approach to business combines systems with custom strategies based on where you are and how you want to grow.

You shouldn’t be penalized for wanting a life and a business. Systems make balancing it all possible. A balanced business means feeling aligned and happy in that moment, and ready to make choices that bring you to the next phase. Preventing burnout by preserving energy.

If you’re anything like most of my clients, you didn’t start your own business to get caught up in the details. You have a bigger vision you want to accomplish. 

Systems empower you to become more efficient and elevate your business. Your business is part of your life. Find balance by working with the time you have, toward the goals you can achieve, with systems you prioritize.

I offer a specialized and customized system strategy that looks at the big picture and sorts out the details, keeping you and your business organized so you can be the creative genius you were born to be.

At Systems First OBM, I leverage my ASSET Framework, so you can stop doing the busy work and start doing the work you love.


At Systems First OBM, I use the Systems First ASSET Method, a unique framework I have developed to assure you have the highest possible results and the attention and support you deserve.

My approach to systems gives women the confidence they deserve to match the responsibility they take on.

There is no magic formula for success or one-size-fits-all solution for your business. Your background, goals, and phase of life are unique to you, so your systems should reflect your situation.

I will

ASSESS where you are in your business

SYSTEMIZE your Systems, Processes and SOPs

STRATEGIZE your plans for optimal efficiency

ELEVATE your power and set you up for success

TRANSFORM your current weaknesses and turn them into your strengths

Everything in your business will be assessed, optimized, and taken care of:



I value:

Commitment – When we consistently take steps toward our vision and are committed to our priorities, we’re unstoppable.

Ease – By simplifying the complicated parts of our business, we can make decisions with clarity and intention, rather than out of desperation.

Choice – While we can’t always control our circumstances, we can choose to be an active player in our life and use whatever gifts and tools are available to us.

Integrity – Growing a business is infinitely easier when you believe in what you do and why you do it.


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