In 2020 ClickUp has formed a group of vetted consultants to help clients reaching out to qualified people for their setup and training needs.

I am proudly part of this group!

Clickup Vetted Consultants



The powerful tool that helps you streamline your workload!

ClickUp is an extraordinary Project Management tool. It is empowered by so many amazing features that make it extremely flexible and customizable.


The ClickUp Team goal is to make this an unique app, able to replace all the thousands different apps that you are using daily. ClickUp tracks your deadlines, helps you managing your team, assigning and monitoring tasks, allows you to embed your documents and your videos, to modify your documents and store them in your cloud.


It also has an internal chat system for commenting and sharing information with your team.


You can connect your ClickUp with your email client, convert an email message in a task, syncronize your calendar, write notes and reminders, record audio and video messages, and much more!

I have always been convinced that an efficient time management and a perfect organization are key to streamline my workflow effectively.

Do you relate to this?

– You have no working hours. You are working non-stop days and nights trying to check your to-do list but for some reasons it doesn’t get smaller.

– You feel like it’s more and more difficult to focus on your stuff because you are continuously interrupted.

– You are always helping others in your team because they always seem to have something more urgent and important to do, compared to your tasks.

– You have so many things in your mind and you forget the real tasks like phone calls, deadlines, meetings and appointments.

– You have thousands of sticky notes everywhere.

– You don’t have systems and SOPs that automate your processes.

If this relates to you, you probably need a tool that helps you stay organized.

ClickUp is life-changing and life-saving.



It allows you to automate processes to enhance your productivity, set your boundaries, keep your personal life separated from your working life and reduce the stress of having everything under control.



  • We outline your working needs together
  • I create working procedures that help you stay organized
  • I set up your ClickUp so that it really helps you and automates your procedures
  • I connect your ClickUp with the other apps you use
  • I record a training video giving you the necessary instructions to manage your ClickUp after our setup
  • I offer you 1-month support after the setup to be sure that everything is covered and has met all your needs


  • I will reply to you ASAP
  • I will schedule a videocall
  • I will evaluate your needs
  • I will send you a proposal
  • You will go through my proposal and I will be here for any further explanations or requests you may have
  • If you decide to accept my proposal, we will start working together!


Your ClickUp perfectly setup in one single day. We provide VIP offers to make you get started as soon as possible and manage your grow your business with the right support in place.

ClickUp + Dubsado + Mailerlite + Google Drive

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