In 2020 ClickUp has formed a group of vetted consultants to help clients reaching out to qualified people for their setup and training needs.

I am proudly part of this group!

Clickup Vetted Consultants



The powerful tool that helps you streamline your workload!

ClickUp is an extraordinary Project Management tool. It is empowered by so many amazing features that make it extremely flexible and customizable.


The ClickUp Team goal is to make this an unique app, able to replace all the thousands different apps that you are using daily. ClickUp tracks your deadlines, helps you managing your team, assigning and monitoring tasks, allows you to embed your documents and your videos, to modify your documents and store them in your cloud.


It also has an internal chat system for commenting and sharing information with your team.


You can connect your ClickUp with your email client, convert an email message in a task, syncronize your calendar, write notes and reminders, record audio and video messages, and much more!

I have always been convinced that an efficient time management and a perfect organization are key to streamline my workflow effectively.

Do you relate to this?

– You have no working hours. You are working non-stop days and nights trying to check your to-do list but for some reasons it doesn’t get smaller.

– You feel like it’s more and more difficult to focus on your stuff because you are continuously interrupted.

– You are always helping others in your team because they always seem to have something more urgent and important to do, compared to your tasks.

– You have so many things in your mind and you forget the real tasks like phone calls, deadlines, meetings and appointments.

– You have thousands of sticky notes everywhere.

– You don’t have systems and SOPs that automate your processes.

If this relates to you, you probably need a tool that helps you stay organized.

ClickUp is life-changing and life-saving.



It allows you to automate processes to enhance your productivity, set your boundaries, keep your personal life separated from your working life and reduce the stress of having everything under control.



When it comes to setting up your PM tool, you can consider different solutions.

Systems First

By Yourself

Maybe you want to set it up by yourself. This is a good solution if you are tech-savvy, have a lot of time, and have a clear vision of how your business should be organized and structured in the workspace.



Tech Support

Alternatively, you may consider asking for the help of a skilled tech VA. This is a good solution if you want to save time. Consider, though, that you need to be able to meaningfully project your workspace by yourself and be able to give clear instructions. You have the vision, the VA helps you with the tech.



Business Systems
Systems First

A Skilled Systems Strategist

Finally, you may need something more in-depth and structured. And, this is where an OBM or a Consultant comes into play.

The type of assistance we offer goes far beyond a simple setup. As an OBM, I come into your business, brainstorm with you about your processes and workflow, streamline them and make them simpler and more efficient, and then, only after this pre-work, I build your workspace in ClickUp.

I provide you with clear instructions and a video tutorial.

I offer a period of post-project assistance.

If required, I can build your SOPs and integrate ClickUp with other tools you have




In just one day, we will go through your current processes, streamline them and import them in ClickUp; we will review your processes, take into consideration all the other platforms that you are using and see how to connect them with ClickUp so that you will be able to control all your business from one single Hub; we will set up your canned email and your internal automation so that you spend less time in doing repetitive tasks; we will record video tutorials and give you 30 days of mail support after the VIP Day.

At the end of the day, you will have your main spaces (CRM, DAILY OPS, TEAM MANAGEMENT, CONTENT CALENDAR) setup





ClickUp Project-Based offer: Maybe you need an extremely tailored solution and maybe you have a big team and multiple services to import in ClickUp. If this is the case, we need to work project-based. I take on a limited amount of concurrent projects and strive to fully dedicate my work to my clients for that particular period in order to be able to offer them a high-end service and an efficient setup in a short amount of time. We will work together to review your processes before importing them in the tool, so we will be able to avoid any inefficiency and to find the best solution. I will walk you through the final setup and give you video instructions for future reference. Finally, I will offer you a 1-month post-project assistance to help you get familiar with the new tool

If you are interested in a consultancy call, find the details here.



Your processes simplified, your workflows clarified and everything imported in your PM tool

All the departments in your business connected in a single hub and everything just one-click-away

Everything organized to give you a clear vision of what’s going on, what to prioritize, and what to delegate

How does this sound?

Overcomplicating and overthinking are allies to failure and inconsistency, while simplicity makes your life easier

Simplicity is the path to transformation. It’s the path to get you out of procrastination, of messy action, of unsuccessful steps

As an OBM, I love supporting my clients with simple and effective management

This is why I love creating simple step-by-step plans and strategies for my clients

This is why I build easy 90-day plans in ClickUp to help them achieve their goals

This is why I strategize and connect platforms with simple workflows

This is why I love to transform their business lives. Because it’s simple and it’s clear, when you are an expert and you know what you are doing


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Hi, I’m Teresa,

Certified OBM, System Strategist and ClickUp Vetted Consultant

I help online service providers realize their big dreams by supporting them in their business management. I make sure that everything runs smoothly, while you get back your life and devote yourself to the visionary part of your business.

Dreaming big and achieving amazing results doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop living your personal life. After all, you decided to become an entrepreneur to be free, right?


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