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Scaling an online business in an aligned way takes more than just hard work and following the latest marketing trends.


One important element underlies everything: an understanding and embodiment of your core values. Core values serve as the North Star of every business decision, including your systems, ultimately helping you achieve your vision. When your business systems are aligned with what matters most to you, your business becomes an authentic extension of your deepest beliefs and that leads to sustainable success. Your values are at the heart of all of this.

Andrea and I have built a business partnership to support clients in building aligned systems, based on values, working-style, and personality.



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She will walk you through the main steps to align values and systems in your business


  • Reflect on Your Core Values
  • Design Systems That Support Your Values
  • Share Your Values with Your Team
  • Revisit Regularly for Continued Alignment

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I can help you evaluate your business, find any inefficiencies, plan the right actions to take, and help you manage your team, your day-to-day operations, and your launches so that you can easily grow and scale without feeling overwhelmed. If you are wondering if this is the support you need, I would love to hop on a free coffee chat to discuss it further.

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When working in the Online Space, you realy need trusted tools to automate your business, create systems and SOPs and work efficiently.

Below you will find a link to the tools I need and I strongly recommend. Some of them may be affiliate links, which means that if you subscribe a paid account I receive a small commission. You won’t be charged more for this, though!

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