I think there’s a lot of confusion about these two roles in the online world. Do you agree with me?


Even in our industry, I often hear Virtual Assistants defining themselves as OBMs, without, sometimes, understanding the deep and substantial differences. Maybe they classify themselves as OBMs because they are highly specialized or have high rates. But, this is not the correct line of reasoning to understand the difference.

Let’s try to clarify:

You are overwhelmed and need help in getting your things done.

Your business is growing and you are super happy but you want to have full control over your stuff. You know what to do and when to do it. But, you want to have occasional support to hand off those tasks that you don’t like or you don’t have expertise in.

You are interested in outsourcing but basically manage your day-to-day tasks yourself. You need a Virtual Assistant.


A VA does the tasks that you assign to them.

There are more pro-active and experienced Virtual Assistants but, they are mostly in charge of executing what you delegate to them.

But maybe you are a step forward.

Your business is experiencing massive growth and you can’t have everything on your shoulders if you want to avoid burnout and failure. Too many things are going on and you need an expert to partner with you.

You need to outsource the entire management of your business (or a consistent part of it) and you want to be able to brainstorm and take decisions with an expert business manager on your team.

You need to focus on your business and not in your business and are more than happy to let go of things such as day-to-day management and team management. Plus, you are planning some specific projects and launches and you want to be sure to be supported by someone who knows what is going on. You want someone else to decide which team members to assign your tasks to, based on their efficiency and their knowledge.



An OBM is a partnership.

An OBM is someone who is part of the team, who takes a look at your entire business from a strategic standpoint and helps you create tasks that you will give your virtual assistant(s).

If you are already working with VAs and still struggle to get organized, you could probably save a lot of money, time and frustration working with an OBM to help you manage your VAs, your day-to-day operations and your projects.


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