Find Your Spark: How Knowing Your Personality Type Can Unlock Work-Life Balance in Your Online Business

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly battling a square peg in a round hole?


You pour your heart and soul into your online business, but achieving that elusive work-life balance feels impossible. Maybe you spend hours crafting beautiful social media posts, neglecting the actual work behind the scenes (looking at you, Sanguine entrepreneurs!). Or perhaps you meticulously plan every detail but struggle to actually launch because of analysis paralysis (Phlegmatic strategists, we see you!).

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to online business success. In fact, embracing your uniqueness might just be the key to unlocking both fulfilment and that coveted work-life balance.

Since ancient times, philosophers and scientists have argued that there are, by nature, four different personality types (and they have linked them to the four natural elements).

Since then, research and knowledge have evolved considerably and have led us today to different theories in the field of psychology and neuroscience, which remain based on those early principles and all still argue that we are different and, to be successful, we must follow and leverage our strengths, not go against them.

Obviously, we cannot all be neatly contained into just four categories because being “human” leads us to be unique mixtures of various factors. Within these mixtures, however, there still remain the predominant traits within us to create a sustainable lifestyle and business that truly serves us.

Here’s how understanding the four ancient personality archetypes – rooted in the elements like fire and water – can help you build a thriving online business that works for you.



Imagine this: Jessica, a bubbly and enthusiastic entrepreneur, lights up every online community she joins. She thrives on connections, hosting engaging live streams, and collaborating with other businesses. But sometimes, Jessica gets swept away by the excitement, neglecting the back-end tasks that keep her business running smoothly.

Sound familiar? Sanguine entrepreneurs excel at building relationships and fostering a sense of community. However, staying focused and prioritising tasks can be a challenge. The secret sauce? We help channel that boundless energy into creating strategic plans and systems, ensuring Jessica’s business thrives while still allowing her to connect with her audience.

Systems First OBM




Think of Michael, a passionate entrepreneur with a fire in his belly. He sets ambitious goals and inspires others with his unwavering determination. However, Michael’s strong will can sometimes lead to clashes and resistance to new ideas.

Choleric visionaries are natural leaders, but their intensity can sometimes create friction. We help Michael harness his passion into productive endeavours, fostering a collaborative environment while still allowing him to pursue his bold vision.



Meet Sarah, the reliable and organised entrepreneur who keeps her business running like a well-oiled machine. Her calm demeanour fosters trust with clients and creates a harmonious work environment. But sometimes, Sarah’s desire for stability can lead to a reluctance to take risks or embrace change.

Phlegmatic strategists excel at planning and execution, but can sometimes get stuck in their comfort zone. We empower Sarah to leverage her strengths in strategic thinking while also encouraging her to embrace calculated risks and explore new opportunities for growth.



Ever met Emily, the thoughtful and introspective entrepreneur who creates stunning visuals and crafts deeply resonant content? She thrives in quiet spaces where she can focus on bringing her creative ideas to life. However, Emily’s introverted nature can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and self-doubt.

Melancholic innovators possess a unique creative vision, but their introversion can hinder their reach. We help Emily navigate the world of online marketing and build a supportive network, allowing her to share her brilliance with the world while maintaining a work-life balance that fosters her creative spirit.


Systems First OBM

By understanding your dominant personality type and its strengths, you can growa business that reflects who you are and allows you to thrive on your own terms. Remember, a balanced and successful online business isn’t about forcing yourself into someone else’s mold. It’s about leveraging your unique personality to create something truly remarkable.

That is where we come in. With our expertise in building tailored systems, we’re here to guide you on this transformative journey, helping you grow a business that aligns with your values, strengths, and aspirations. So, are you ready to find your spark and unlock your online business potential?

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