As a super busy business owner, you may have thought about hiring an OBM. But, what is specifically an OBM and how a Certified OBM can help you?


OBM is the acronym for ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER. As suggested by the name, an OBM is a managerial level professional that has a senior position within the organizational chart of your business and stands right by your side, partnering with you to ensure that things get done on time, in the right way, by the right people and leaving you the time and energy to focus on your zone of genius.

Imagine being able to get up in the morning with everything in place. No worries about what has to be done today to get your business going. No worries about deadlines, checking team work and planning for things to come. Imagine getting up and being able to devote your time to your vision. Period. How would you feel? Are you really ready to grow your business?

The CERTIFIED OBM works as a manager and is in charge of daily operations, team management and projects.

Why you should hire a Certified OBM


Ok. You are ready to work with an OBM, but how can you chose the right one? Will you be able to find your business bestie in the Online world?

Sure you will! Here are my tips:


  • You are referred an OBM. Now what? First thing I would suggest is to schedule a discovery call. There needs to be a connection with your potential support and there’s no way the web can do it for you. A coffee chat is mandatory to see if you are mentally connected, if you see things in the same way, if you trust and like each other.

  • Do a dating project. This is what I do with my clients: I don’t get them into a long term project that may make them feel committed without being certain it’s the right choice. We go for a dating project so we can experience how working together makes us feel and if we realize we are the right fit… we start making the magic happen


  • Chose a Certified OBM. Why Certified? I am sure there are amazing OBMs out there that are fully committed to help you succeed and have really strong skills. But in my opinion the certification is a plus. The International Association of Online Business Manager has been founded by Tina Forsythe to train and certify online professionals that have achieved a high-level competence and can offer 1st class support to demanding business owners. Hiring someone certified makes you certain that the OBM has been trained on all the specific areas of a business, has achieved high-level requirements and has passed the exam by successfully completing real-life projects evaluated by a committee of experienced business professionals. Moreover a Certified OBM undergoes continuous training and is supported by an active community of colleagues, aimed to stay updated with all what’s going on in the online space.

An OBM has the ability of integrate all the parts of your business and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

What can an OBM practically do for you


OBMs are business owners with high-level competence in managing businesses in the online space and they may offer a wide variety of services. If you want to get more into detail on how an OBM can help you and how to choose the right OBM, you can read my article here.

Are you a successful entrepreneur working long hours and ready to grow your business? Interested in knowing more about the OBM role?

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Set Up Your Tools and Optimize your Workflow


When working in the Online Space, you realy need trusted tools to automate your business, create systems and SOPs and work efficiently.

Below you will find a link to the tools I need and I strongly recommend. Some of them may be affiliate links, which means that if you subscribe a paid account I receive a small commission. You won’t be charged more for this, though!

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