Are you using a CRM tool? And above all, do you really need one?


OK. I have something to confess. ⁣

When I started working online I couldn’t really understand why I needed a CRM tool. ⁣

I mean: we can do things manually and save a lot of money, can’t we?⁣

The truth is that we can’t


Or better yet, we can, but we don’t save money nor time. And the result we get is that we are working below industry standards (and be assured our clients realize it).⁣

When I discovered Dubsado, I had a hard time figuring out how to optimize the tool

The problem was that I didn’t have a well mapped-out process and transferring something convoluted in a CRM tool is not a winning choice, believe me.⁣

But I am kind of a techy person and I couldn’t accept to not be able to DOMINATE a tool ;-)⁣



So, I started studying every single feature and I realized that:⁣


Using Dubsado saves you time. Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming at the beginning but once it is set up you have your business running on autopilot, which saves you TONS of time⁣

Using Dubsado saves you money. Yes, because we tend to forget that our time as business owners has value. Any time I spend in doing something manually instead of having it done by a tool (even better and more professionally) equals to a loss of money or a wrong investment in my time/money that could have been used definitely better⁣

Using Dubsado improves your business. Yes, because the effort you do in mapping out processes and workflows, helps you streamline your workload and optimize your steps to offer better and higher-level results⁣


Are you using Dubsado? What are the advantages you are having from this tool? 

Are you an entrepreneur working alone or with a small team? If you are looking for someone helping you setting up Dubsado for your business or if you want to discover if Dubsado is the right tool for you, I am here to help

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