Raise your hand if you’ve lost YEARS of your life worrying about how to collect feedback and testimonials efficiently


You forget to ask for a feedback or you have tons of testimonials still in your old emails or again, you have collected them here and there, with no particular criteria and then forgot to work on them or embed them in your website.

Have I hit the mark? 😱 Sorry to call you out, but… What if I told you that the lack of a process is the REASON you’re falling behind with this?

Now, here’s a simple step-by-step process you can set up:

  • Prepare a questionnaire asking for
    • Feedback on your services
    • Feedback on your delivery system
    • Feedback on your communication system
    • Permission to publish any feedback/comment on your website
    • Permission to publish any feedback/comment on your social platforms
    • How your client wants to sign the testimonial



  • Prepare a canned email to
    • Inform your client that the project you’ve been working together is now closed
    • Thank the client for having chosen to work with you


  • Express your thoughts on the project
  • State that you would love to have their feedback to be able to monitor and improve your services
  • Ask to complete the questionnaire you prepared (add link)




Bonus tip if you are using CLICKUP


  • Create a list for testimonials
  • Create a Form view for the questionnaire
  • Create an automation: every time a task is created, assign to me (so you are notified when a testimonial comes in)
  • Create a doc view to embed the canned email and have it ready when you need it
  • Create a recurring task, once a week: check testimonials and feedback with the following sub-tasks
    • Work on feedback (inefficiencies, get back to client if needed, improve process, …)
    • Import testimonial in the website
    • Share testimonials on Social Media
  • Keep your testimonials in the ClickUp list for future use

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