What you need to have clear in your mind when you are planning something in your business is the difference between a project and an idea.


A project is something you are ready to develop TODAY.


You know when you want something ready and you are able to do IMMEDIATELY what it takes to go from A to B.


An idea is something you are thinking of doing; you have no deadlines, you are changing details all the time, you do not have a project on how or when you will make it something tangible.


If you keep confusing projects and ideas you will end up being confused, overwhelmed, always jumping from one idea to the other, starting something, then changing your mind, then procrastinating because you need more details… A nightmare.

With the clear feeling that you are not getting anywhere.

This is the key distinction



My Tips To Be Highly Productive

If you really want to get the most out of your day and make things happen, you need to follow these steps:




– Make a list of your ideas


– Mark on the list a maximum of 3 ideas you want to implement in the near future


– Decide WHEN you want them be a reality


– Move those 3 ideas to a different list and mark them with DEADLINES


– For each idea state clearly:

  • Why you want this, what are your goals, what is your vision (the stronger your WHYs, the better)
  • Who is involved
  • What you need to develop it
  • When (break down the idea in subtasks and give a deadline)
  • Where this idea will take place (online – offline …)


– Start planning

  • Break it into

§ Daily tasks

§ Weekly tasks

§ Monthly tasks

§ Quarterly tasks



– Document the process on the go and create Standard Operating Procedures

Then, every evening, your last task will be to plan for the following day: decide the top 3 things you need to do to achieve your next goal. You need to go to bed having clearly in mind what you will need to do tomorrow. This will help you relax and sleep better and will make you feel in full control.

Every morning, if you have planned wisely, you know what are the next three steps. And do them. Switch your phone off, establish fix hours when to check your emails, block your time…BE FULLY COMMITTED.

And before starting big projects and scaling your business, your priority should be to have your systems in place.

Scaling a business without systems is making a lot of effort and draining yourself for no reason. Systems will make your life much easier.

If you have a team, the second key step (after systems) is managing it correctly so the team can support you and take things off your plate.

When you have systems and team perfectly working, you are ready to really reach new heights.

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