Personality tests, are they a good indicator for real?

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I’ve always been fascinated by Personality Tests.


I still remember as a child playing those games where, based on some answers to rather basic questions, I hoped that my friend would reveal some mysteries about me. The scope, of course, was to obtain a confirmation that I was “good” and “capable.”

Yes, good and capable, because, in reality, that’s what we all want to achieve: confirmation that we are individuals with abilities.

Perhaps, as slightly more mature individuals who have faced difficulties, we also hope to obtain the magic recipe that will help us understand how to navigate life, work, and family.

Allow me to clarify.

I don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed into a standard profile. But I am convinced of the value of personality assessment.


What a personality test cannot tell us:

– It cannot tell our story, so it cannot understand potential, perhaps temporary, blocks due to temporary situations.

– It cannot tell our character, how our mood or upbringing affects our natural inclinations.

– It cannot capture the infinite nuances that make us unique.

What a personality test can tell us:

– It can explain how our brain works. Not everyone follows the same logical processes from A to Z. The paths are different, and realizing this diversity helps us approach personal and work-related issues with the right mindset.

– It can explain our strengths and weaknesses. This is a key point, especially in the workplace. Being in the wrong role, with a job based on what is not in our wheelhouse, can lead to feelings of inadequacy and frustration, and reduced performance. Conversely, working leveraging what we are naturally good at will boost our self-esteem and strength, leading us to achieve our goals.

– It can help us understand how to achieve the coveted work-life balance, highlighting our ideal work and personal life and helping us identify those values that are uniquely ours (avoiding conforming to what “everyone” on the web deems right).

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Our strength is our differences, not our conformity.

In this digital age, conformity is our worst enemy because it implants ideas and values in our heads that don’t always belong to us but seem right because we have the impression that they are what EVERYONE aspires to.

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