Here’s how you can make time for yourself and enjoy your entrepreneurial life a little bit more…


One of the most common problems I see with my clients is time management.

The most common question is

“How can I find a balance between the time I should spend for my clients, the time I should spend to grow my business and the time I should spend to enjoy my life?”

99% of the time, service providers end up spending their working day (+ evenings and nights ;-)) on their clients’ needs, forgetting about everything else.
Here below you will find my tips on how to better balance your day and find the way to grow your business and live your life, while serving your clients as well.



You need to have

  • Clear and defined working hours
  • Clear and defined time-blocks
  • No distractions and focused work


Your emails. You can’t check them at any moment. You need to set up a time block to check them regularly and let your clients know.

So, if you start working at 9 o’clock in the morning, you will check the email immediately, reply to the most urgent ones and mark “for later” the ones that can wait. You will then check them quickly at 12 and again in your EMAIL TIME-BLOCK at 4pm, when you will reply to all that’s needed before closing your working day.

You will not:

  • Check your email during breakfast
  • Have your email notifications on during nights
  • Have your email notifications on when your time is blocked for other tasks

You will:

  • Let your clients know you will check the emails at 9, 12 and 4pm
  • Set up an autoresponder with your email check hours
  • Create a system to sort your email and reply to them according to your schedule



As service providers, we pride ourselves on making every effort to sustain our clients’ business because their businesses become your priority. I get it.

That said, your business deserves the same (or even a higher) level of consideration. You are your number one client.

So, in your calendar, set up an adequate number of hours to devote to your business.

Business Systems




Sometimes my clients fall behind in their business growth because, even if they have a defined role in their clients’ business, they are a jack of all trades in their own.

Let’s be honest: there are so many different aspects in a business that it is quite difficult to be a super expert in every single one and be on top of everything.

You will end up doing what you like the most and neglecting what you don’t like.

Know and assess yourself.

Plan your own strategy.

Do what you are doing very well and delegate what is not your strength.

Your business deserves consideration and professionality if you want to see it grow.





In our super busy business life, it’s quite difficult not to get lost.

Find someone that can keep you accountable. Maybe a colleague or a team-mate.

Schedule regular appointments and establish time-bounded goals, so you can track your progress and you will be helped to achieve results



Life is not all about work.

If it’s true that you need an accountability buddy and that this accountability buddy must be someone in your industry, who understands your needs and has a clear idea of business life, it’s also true that you need someone to support you in your private life.

Be it your partner, a friend, a family member, you need someone to celebrate with you when you have something to celebrate and to support you when you have one of those days that make you question your life choices

I can help you evaluate your business, find any inefficiencies, plan the right actions to take, and help you manage your team, your day-to-day operations, and your launches so that you can easily grow and scale without feeling overwhelmed. If you are wondering if this is the support you need, I would love to hop on a free coffee chat to discuss it further.

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When working in the Online Space, you realy need trusted tools to automate your business, create systems and SOPs and work efficiently.

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