In an entrepreneur’s life, no word is more overused than systems.


In fact, it’s been said that there are two kinds of businesses: those with systems and those without systems—and the latter group never succeeds long-term. Setting strategy isn’t enough to achieve success in your business—you need the right systems and processes to turn your vision into reality. A good system will help you achieve your goals with fewer resources and less effort, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Whether you want to streamline your data collection, create more effective marketing, or build a team that works well together, it all starts with using the right systems and the right strategy to get there.

Business systems are an integral part of any business strategy



They are not just tools, they are not just processes, but rather they are the backbone of any successful business.
Processes are part of your system. They are the combination of steps you need to take and optimize to perform your activity in an efficient way, how you can automate or standardize your business tasks for consistency and predictability.

Processes can be leveraged and empowered by the use of the right tools.

Wait… the right tools?
Yes, the right tools mean the tools that are perfect for YOUR business. I am not talking about the fancy tools, those that your friend, colleague, influencer, coach, … use. I mean the tools that can better serve you, in your unique business situation and needs.




Systems First OBM

Tools and processes should be automated.



Can you imagine? A well-oiled system means you combine the above elements (processes + tools + automation) to support you and get you away from the day-to-day repetitive management while leaving you the time and the energy to focus on your business. Well, that’s why systems are necessary for success. Systems allow us to achieve success even if we’re not there physically – systems strategy is what allows you to live your dream life. It’s about trusting that everything is moving along as it should so that when it comes time for action, we can focus on taking advantage of opportunities instead of waiting for things to happen on their own accord or putting out fires.



A business strategy is a plan for the development of a business, including its objectives and the means to achieve them. It includes the long-term goals and provides direction to the company’s management.
It involves decisions about what the business is, what it does and how it does it.
The four main elements of any business strategy are:
– Objectives: What are we trying to achieve?
– Resources: What do we have to work with?
– Strategy: How will we achieve our objectives?
– Tactics: How will we execute our strategy?
 These four elements all have one thing in common. They’re focused on identifying where you want your business to be, setting out a roadmap for how you’ll get there, then working out a way of getting there.
Why do you need to combine systems and strategy to have a successful business
The implementation of a well-thought-out business strategy with strong systems can increase your chances of success, helping you understand the company’s current situation, develop a long-term goal, set interim objectives and then create an action plan.
You can’t be successful if you have a strategy but not your systems in place. At the same time, you can’t be successful if you have your systems but not a strategy.
Because, here’s the thing: it makes no sense to know where you have to go and the path to follow if you don’t practically know how to execute your strategy and you get lost in your “HOW TO DO THIS”. And it makes no sense to know how to do everything if it’s not clear to you what exactly you have to do to reach your goals.
 By combining your systems with a strategy, you can implement tactics that will increase efficiency, allow you to make changes to these tactics when needed or even pivot your strategy. This will allow you to adapt quickly and easily if something is not working out as planned.

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