The lack of organization and systemization in a business can lead to many problems.


One of the most common problems is that it takes more time to complete tasks because there is no system in place. Not only does this cause an increase in time spent, but it also causes stress due to the inability to get things done quickly.

The lack of organization and systemization can also lead to a lack of productivity, which can affect future projects and deadlines.



There are many ways that a business can be organized and systemized, such as prioritizing tasks, delegating work, or using proper and efficient tools. However, one method that is often overlooked is taking the big picture view. This means looking at what needs to be done for the company as a whole instead of focusing on one task at a time.


Systems First OBM



There is no magic formula for success or one-size-fits-all solution for your business.



Your background, goals, and phase of life are unique to you, so your systems and strategy should reflect your situation.

That’s why, starting from the big picture and from what you already have in place is a winning choice.

When you decide to stop running your business in a messy way and you focus on creating a structure, you can actually grow and scale and stop being the bottleneck.


As a passionate business owner, you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your vision, rather than working toward someone else’s dream.



Systems give you the support you need to focus your energy on the core of your business and the reason you started in the first place. Instead of being absorbed in the daily operations and long to-do lists that make your business run, you can step into what you’re meant to be doing.

Besides greater productivity and efficiency, systems and strategy give your business a better professional reputation. Your being organized has a ripple effect on the delivery of your services and on the client experience, which is often quite an undervalued perspective.

A strong and positive client experience, though, not only makes your clients happy but sustains your marketing efforts because, we know…. Everyone looks at references and social proof! On the opposite side, a bad client experience can cause tremendous damage as a bad testimonial may prevent new leads from buying from you.


Another aspect that is influenced by your systems and strategy is team management. Your team must be involved in your business and must be able to work in a stress-free environment.



When you are able to build a positive team culture and create excitement and engagement in your team, your business will thrive and you will be sustained in your growth in the best possible and proactive way.

Moreover, as your team is…”human”, you need to factor in the possibility that they take days off, are unavailable for whatever reason, or will simply decide to terminate their contract with you.

If your business is built around systems and doesn’t rely only on people, you will be able to manage any emergencies and your business will run on autopilot, no matter what happens to your people.


And…can we talk about opportunities?



No business grows staying where it is now.

Quite elementary as a concept, right?

To grow you need to evolve in every sense…new and higher ticket clients, new offers, new services…

Having systems and strategies in place allows you to take advantage of new opportunities that you bump into because you are less involved in the operations aspect.

Your mind is more focused on creativity, planning, and scaling, and you are able to use your enthusiasm, your passion, and your desire to make an impact and convert them into innovative ideas.

I can help you evaluate your business, find any inefficiencies, plan the right actions to take, and help you manage your team, your day-to-day operations, and your launches so that you can easily grow and scale without feeling overwhelmed. If you are wondering if this is the support you need, I would love to hop on a free coffee chat to discuss it further.

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