VIP DAYS are my secret weapon today. But it hasn’t always been this way


The funny thing is that when I first heard of VIP DAYS, my reaction was…NO WAY. THIS IS NOT THE SERVICE I WANT TO OFFER

In my mind, this was the direct ticket to burnout. I couldn’t see the point of choosing this way.

A few months later, I started realizing what that point was. I was super busy and what I really wanted for MY BUSINESS was a HIGH-QUALITY service delivered like…yesterday.

VIP DAYS were suddenly not only an option but THE BEST POSSIBLE OPTION on the market


Entrepreneurs can achieve amazing results in a limited amount of time while receiving undivided attention and premium services.

Let’s take a couple of minutes and think…. When was the last time you thought:

“I would love this task to take longer to complete because I don’t have anything else to do and I enjoy working on a single assignment for ages?”


“I love sitting in a traffic jam for hours because I enjoy spending my time in the car”

The truth is that life is busy and we have tons of things to do, both at a personal and a business level. And our 24 hour day is not enough to do everything we have in mind.

So, either we keep procrastinating tasks strictly related to our business structure, or we accept living in this limbo period, where we can’t move forward until the backend is done and we are kind of blocked for weeks.

Systems First OBM



If you are like many busy entrepreneurs, you have a never-ending to-do list and you keep postponing YOUR OWN things



You work for your clients, deliver your services, but when it comes to your own business…. you don’t have the time or the energy to do what you need to make it easier, better, or simply more organized.


Giving your business the attention it needs to move forward, taking time to accomplish the tasks that can make your life easier, setting up the right tools and systems to better manage and automate your services, are KEY STEPS that deserve to be prioritized to get you unstuck and get you closer to your goals (both in terms of business and private life).


So, take a breath, and schedule time to give your business the UNDIVIDED ATTENTION it deserves.


When I need to add an important piece to my business structure, I often choose a VIP DAY to have a premium service in a very short amount of time.


Why VIP Days are the Solution



Because you are assisted by a consultant who implements a proven framework to give you a result in a short amount of time.


Because you don’t have to wait for weeks to have what you need.


Because time is money and spending time waiting is a cost for you. You are preventing yourself from having your business moving at a higher level and hence you are preventing yourself from having the income you could potentially earn.


Because, when it comes to systems in particular, not having them in place equals taking a lot of time to do tasks that could be streamlined and automated, so you are not leveraging your time and your team and you are sabotaging your own business. Every single day counts.


VIP DAYS give you fast results at a high level.

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