If you are wondering why you need a PM Tool, maybe you should consider the following:


  • they keep track of your deadlines, so your head is free and you don’t have to keep everything on your mind
  • they keep track of your notes, so you can store them in one place your reference for future use
  • they can improve the collaboration with your team members, so you avoid the email and messages back and forth and you easily assign tasks and check what’s already been you can check on the status of the tasks
  • they can group your things into categories to help you focus on the right things and have an in-depth overview of everything in your business
  • they can store your files and attach them to the right notes, so you have everything handy when you need it
  • they can track your time and allow you to assign time estimates, to keep you accountable and productive
  • they can track your data and convert them into graphics that give you a visual understanding of what’s working and not working in your business
  • they can improve communication, by grouping messages and comments into categories
  • they can help you group and filter your tasks to have a clear understanding of what’s happening in your business


I could go on for hours, but the most important thing for you to really consider is that managing a business without a PM tool drains your energy and makes you less efficient, less productive, and definitely more tired!


Why you need a PM tool

As a Systems Specialist, I had the opportunity to work with several pm tools


They all have different features and I don’t think you can determine which one is the best, if you don’t consider the different needs of your business.

As a Vetted ClickUp Consultant, I tend to affirm that ClickUp is a very complete tool, customizable and flexible, able to serve the solopreneur and the big company at the same time.


The price point in ClickUp is extremely competitive and the features are amazing.

Another very good tool is Teamwork. It has a lot of features and is built to facilitate teams. The price point is a little bit higher than ClickUp, though, and the structure is very similar (in my opinion).

If you are a solopreneur, working alone and with a simple business structure, Trello could be a good choice. What I love about Trello is the layout. I need to have everything very clear and neat to be able to work efficiently, and the possibility of customizing the boards’ background is extremely appealing to me. Trello has recently made an upgrade and you are now able to group together several boards, which is a good advantage in terms of organization. Trello is structured in a kanban view and you can easily drag and drop tasks from one status to the other.

Similar to Trello, but organized by lists and not by boards, we have Asana, which again provides good support for simpler business structures.

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When working in the Online Space, you realy need trusted tools to automate your business, create systems and SOPs and work efficiently.

Below you will find a link to the tools I need and I strongly recommend. Some of them may be affiliate links, which means that if you subscribe a paid account I receive a small commission. You won’t be charged more for this, though!

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