How many times have you had people saying you have to step into your CEO role?


Well, they are right.

You HAVE to step into your CEO role.

But…what does that mean exactly?

Stepping into your CEO role means taking ownership of and responsibility for your business growth.

It means treating your business as a business.

It means DECIDING you are serving your people and growing your business from a place of authenticity and expertise.

It means you decide to share what you are great at and to accept that your mission is important.

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck? I have great news for you: we’ve all been there.


Let’s do the mindset work:



You need to make yourself aware that you can do whatever you want, that your business growth is potentially limitless, and that you are probably the bottleneck for your growth because of some limiting beliefs. Overcoming this mental block is the first and most urgent work that you have to do. Because the truth is that no matter how many people are trying to convince you that this is true, you are the ONLY one that can do the work FOR REAL. If you are not able to convince yourself, no one can.


You need to make decisions that are in complete alignment with your values and your vision. There’s no point in setting up your business on other people’s terms, or listening to all the different opinions around the globe, if the end result is in complete misalignment with what you truly want and desire.


Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all at different stages in our businesses. Moreover, our businesses may be different in terms of industry, services, target audience and much more. But, above all, YOU are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE and no other business owner is like you. So, embrace your UNIQUENESS because this is what will enable you to find your purpose


Maybe you are not (yet) where you would love to be, but the really important thing is that you take forward steps every single day. Instead of comparing your business journey with others, compare it with yourself. Look back and appreciate the results you’ve achieved in the last quarter or the last year.


Make yourself aware of all you can offer, of your strengths, of the support you can give and be proud of your services. You need to offer them from a place of desire, not a place of need. No client wants to be the one NEEDED because you can’t survive without them. They want to feel your authentic desire to help them and your confidence in the ability to take them to the point they want to be.



How can you step into your CEO role?


Let’s break it down into points:


You need to take care of yourself. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If you are not living a balanced life and taking care of your personal, physical, and mental health, you can harm your business and your success.


You need to have strong boundaries. These are key to being able to focus on what matters the most and to deliver high-quality work.


You need to time-block. Time-block means having time slots where you focus uniquely on the task you have to complete. Nothing else. No distractions at all. BUUUUUT, time-block also means you have planned breaks because you need to recharge to be productive.


You need to have systems to support you. You need to organize and automate as much as possible, so things run on autopilot and you are able to focus on the big-picture and to grow and scale. Move away from the daily practical management and be the one who takes the big decisions


You need to align with dream clients. To do this, you need to set clear expectations around your services and surround yourself with the right people in order to maximize your time, your efforts, your boundaries and do the work you love to do.

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